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As homemakers, we want the best for our families – fresh, nutritious food free of commercial additives and preservatives. Mason Jars are the perfect way to portion and keep fresh wholesome meals prepared in bulk, ready for consumption anytime. They’re space-saving, handy, and trendier than lunchboxes. When a jar design gets boring, it becomes a Christmas fairy light or coffee bean jar.

However, the local offering of mason jars was basic and very limited. Online ‘retailers’ were also sometimes unreliable and unsupportive, with jars showing up not as depicted and complaints not responded to. Designs that our families loved had to be imported from the US, which incurred a monstrous shipping fee on top of the long waiting time.

With humble beginnings curating pretty mason jars for friends and family, we have blossomed into Singapore’s #1 supplier of mason jars at reasonable prices with zero shipping fees. Our business is built around arming you with the best knowledge and equipment to eat fresh and healthy – just like we do for our families!

1. Only Essential Overheads


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Our operations consist of a warehouse , 2 PCs, a high-speed internet connection, and reliable logistic partners – that’s how we keep prices low and our business lean. We do not believe in making you pay for a fanciful shopfront that only serves to stoke our egos, or staff that spend the day counting flies. Every time we spend, we ask ourselves one question:

“How does this help our customers?”

Hence, you can be assured that every dollar spent goes into the quality of your mason jars. With Free Shipping and 360° product view, it is as good as physical shopping – less the travelling and hefty price tag.

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2. Same Conveniences, Extra Reliability

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Mason Jar Singapore hopes to achieve the trust and reliability of physical shopping combined with the convenience of online shopping.

View the product as if you were holding it in your hands with our 360° product view.

Just like how it is free to collect your product from a physical shop and bring it home, we provide free shipping on all orders, and there is no minimum spending to qualify. This time, you don’t even have to leave your house!

3. Informing Your Decisions

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Quality information makes up the foundation of every informed decision, and our blog serves to provide you with just that. Our passionate team is constantly bringing you the newest recipes and craft ideas for your mason jars, so that you can make the best possible use of every dollar.

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